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Rhys Davis


Using the the natural world as his canvas Rhys Davis works with the shape and form that is created by nature and sculpts wood into stand alone pieces of art.


Free standing Sculpture

Working with smaller pieces that can stand alone in a  outside space or small enough to sit indoors these abstract natural forms offer an eye-catching focal point to any space.

211015_RHYSDAVIS_OVERSLEY_SCULPTURE-V2-1080 LAYOUT.00_00_14_04_edited.jpg

Living Sculpture

The ethos behind a living sculpture is that the piece should exist in the landscape as a habitat for all the insects, animals and fungi that would naturally call it home. Using sculpting techniques that allow the tree to remain in situ and create nesting and burrowing environments for wildlife while creating an interesting shape and visual.

211015_RHYSDAVIS_OVERSLEY_SCULPTURE-V2-1080 LAYOUT.00_00_14_04_edited.jpg
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