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Daylesford Raised beds

I was asked to replace the tanalized pine beds in the Chelsea garden at

Daylesford Farm. My solution was to utilise wany edged Larch to give a more

romantic and natural feel to the gardens.


Chain sawed planks cut from Ash logs to create a rustic bridge from the

Daylesford market garden to the Chelsea garden.

Photo Copyright © 2014, Debs Ivelja

Sensory Garden

Karen my client first came to me to lay paving so her daughter could ride her

bike around the garden. A moment of inspiration led me to offer her this alternative.

The original rotten shed was re-imagined into a log cabin with wany off cuts. To the side is a raised bed made from a single log, the centre became a simple 7ft bench. The bow of the dingy boathouse I found by a road in Cornwall and sits on a pallet clad in Cedar. A Wellingtonia arch frames the doorway.

The fire pit is a reclaimed dough-mixing bowl. Almost all of the materials were up cycled to help achieve the project within budget.

The Otter Holt, Daylesford

Made in the wetland area at Daylesford from waste wood cleared from trees I felled where the Gloucester old spots forage. The corrugated iron from an abandoned workman’s hut was reused in the walls and roof.

Mulvern Fence

My client requested a standard panel fence to line one edge of their property in Malvern. My solution was to cut cedar planks in my friend’s wood in Hereford. Using rails these would then be attached to a line of six-foot tree stumps left over from a hedge that had been removed.

I couldn’t resist putting a bird box in the end stump.

H – 7ft

Pigloo Malvern

Made from materials left over from building the fence as a shelter to sit out by the fire pit.

Benches Malvern

The wood is Scots pine that I felled in Malvern. Cut in half-length ways from the same branch. The legs were created from smaller sections of the same tree.

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