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The "O"
Cake stand

Commissioned by the Daylesford pastry chefs for round 2 of BBC 2's Bake off Creme de la creme.


Oak with a Poplar stem

Double Chopping board
A single round of Lime that had split. Finished into two complimentary boards.

Oak Branches that have died and weathered on the tree, down to the heart wood. Simply mounted onto an Oak base mimicking how they would look on a real tree. 

Chair Pair

False Acacia with legs of Beech from and old spindle chair.

A handmade table made from natural wood with wany edges.
The Wellingtonia Spider Table

Made from a round of a 150 year old Wellingtonia tree. 50 years after the battle these protected trees were planted to commemorate the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo.


Usually impossible to come by, I chanced upon a tree that had been accidently cut down by a huge groundwork company.

A handmade table made from natural wood with wany edges.
The Map Table
Hornbeam, heavily spalted (The black lines through the wood, created by fungus).

-H=47cm W=78cm-

Three legged stool
Single piece of Poplar.


Monitor Bench

All sections are made from Cherry.

Teddy Bears Picnic

An ancient Mulberry tree blown down by the wind, I paid for the wood by creating some wooden pebbles for the owner’s house. This vibrant yellow colour, in direct sunlight will fade to a beautiful chocolate brown but may last for months or years if not exposed to UV light.

The rarity of the wood means that these trees are almost never cut down.

Coat Stand

The stem is made from Yew, retaining the branches to create the pegs. A solid piece of brown Oak creates the base.

This can be reduced in height for your requirements.

Crocodile Oak bench

The top is reclaimed from a discarded bench that stood on the Malvern Hills. 4 different Oaks come together to complete the piece. All the wood is weathered to the point where it becomes like iron.


The very heart of the root bole of a Yew tree that I discovered 10 years ago, as with all Yew the grain is a confused morass of texture and form. But being the root this piece is particularly complex. I cut it apart in section to create the pair.

These sculptures can be mounted to your wall or displayed on a sympathetic minimalist metal stand.

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