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Wellingtonia Table
A rare Wellingtonia round completes the top of this table.
Coffee Table
Corridor Bench
The Map Table
Eric's Chopping Board

Made for the bread chef at Daylesford Farm to celebrate 8 years of service.

Made of Lime and personalised with branding technique.

Charleston Table
The top and legs are Cherry wood. I created a sense of movement with the animated leg.
A 6 person dinning table.

-H=74cm W=177cm D=84cm-

The Jellyfish

Yew wood top and legs. As usually I'm embracing the holes, querks and flaws in the wood.

Mini Table

A bit of fun.

This is a slice of a small log that was destined for the fire but I couldn’t burn it.

Knowing of the beautiful contrast between the Heart and Sapwood of the Yew, an

aspect that I love to utilise.

Handmade, wooden, table,
The Wave

Craved from a single piece of Lime.

Coffee table or seat.

Three-legged coffee table
The top is a piece of Lime and the legs are made from Acacia.
The Calf
Cut from the underside of the Bull bench. I enjoyed crafting playful, cartoon like legs because it was created for a family with 3 young children.
Sleepy Hollow Mirror
Beech Stump where the interior was naturally rooted out the black colour comes from fungi. Worked to remove the loose material and unsound wood.
The Wellingtonia Table

Made from a round of a 150 year old Wellingtonia tree. 50 years after the battle these protected trees were planted to commemorate the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo.

The TPO order on this tree was lifted because it was destroying the foundations of a million pound house.

The Banquet Table

This table was made from a Sycamore tree. The tree grew in the grounds of my client where it was milled and then finished in my workshop. At a standard dinning table height (29inches) and 3 x 6 ft it can easily sit 6 for dinner. The top is a single piece 4 inches thick. The legs were one trunk divided into two.

3 simple sections that stand under their own weight with the legs simply recessed into the underside. Using traditional techniques the table is free from metal work.

Coffee table

Made from the buttressed base of the same tree as the banquet table and finished to compliment the suite.

Side tables

A lime tree that stood next to the Sycamore tree was used to create these side tables, each as a single piece of wood. I really embrace the deep fissuring and cracks that appear as the wood dries. To me these add character.

Picture frame

Made from another beautiful Yew off cut that was otherwise scrap. The aperture

is 5x4 inches.

The Bull

A section of poplar trunk creates the seat. Legs are of Lilac with a reveal on the

side of the leg to show the pink heartwood.

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